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Master ChatGPT tools for nursing excellence!


Learn how to effectively utilize ChatGPT technology in the healthcare setting as a nurse. This course covers various applications of ChatGPT for patient care, communication, education, and more.

Key Highlights

Use ChatGPT for patient care

Enhance communication skills with ChatGPT

Implement ChatGPT in healthcare education

What you will learn

Utilize ChatGPT in patient care

Learn to integrate ChatGPT into medical charting and patient interactions for improved outcomes.

Enhance communication with ChatGPT

Discover how ChatGPT can assist in clear and effective communication within the healthcare team.

Implement ChatGPT in education

Explore ways to leverage ChatGPT for nursing education and training programs.


Start Here

2 attachments • 1 mins

Welcome to the World of AI

Sign up for CHATGPT

5 pages

Step 1: Seeding Chat GPT

1 attachment • 1 mins

Seed Prompts

Prompts for Marketing & Business

5 attachments • 1 hrs

Emails With Proven Subject Lines

Choosing A Profitable Niche

Marketing Frame Works for Problem-Outcome

Follow Up Emails

Useful Emails: Newsletters, Thank You's, Promotions, Limited Time News Ect..

Social Media Prompts

12 attachments • 26 mins

Creating Social Media Calendar and Seeding ChatGPT wtih Social Prompts

Creating Social Media Posts

Current Social Trends

Analyzing and Tracking Social Media

Call to Action

Creating a Strong Brand

Instagram Reels Script

Instagram Story Prompts

Post Captions

Content Ideas for TikTok

Script For TikTok Ads

Audience Research

LinkedIn Prompts

6 attachments • 10 mins

Optimize Profile

Linkedin Post Ideas

Content Strategy

Linkedin Ads

Student Nurse LinkedIn Template for Bio

Nurse LinkedIn Template for Bio

E-Commerce & Websites

4 attachments • 6 mins

Designing Testimonials

Crafting Call to Actions

Prompts to improve SEO

Language Translations

Prompts & Templates for Nursing Students

11 attachments • 14 mins

50 Prompts for NCLEX Studying

Letter of Recommendation Template for Nursing School Applications- Long Version

Letter of Recommendation Template-Condense Version

Thank you Letter Template to Professor whom wrote LOR

Thank you Letter Template-Condense Version

Research Writing Prompts

Nursing Care Template Prompts

Patient Education Prompts

Narrowing Down Paper Topics

Create a Powerpoint Prompts

How to use Canva with ChatGPT for PowerPoints

AI: Patient & Nurse Protection

4 attachments • 4 mins

Use of AI in Medical Diagnostics

AI Applications in Nursing Workforce Management

Legal and Ethical Issues of AI in Medical Research

Laws & Regulations to Protect Patients


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About the creator

About the creator

Learn with Emily Knife

Emily Knife, Dean and CEO of the School of Modern Nursing, combines expertise in digital innovation, neuroscience, and quantum physics to revolutionize nursing education. She creates courses for all humans to benefit from modernize wellness and healthcare. She focuses on undiagnosing through somatics, empowering humans with cutting-edge courses and personalized learning for entrepreneurial success in healthcare & life.

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